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Elm Cottage rates No1 in the Snowy's

Ever ready Lincoln


Elm Cottage rates No1 in the Snowy’s

I know it’s been a while, some say between drinks, but dogs aren’t that computer literate you know, come to think about it, neither is dad.

Any case, thought I’d jump on my tuckerbox and have sprout about my home ‘Elm Cottage’. Not only do many of my visiting mates believe Elm Cottage is a great place for pets, especially the K9 type, apparently so do their Mum’s and Dad’s.

It all happened last Saturday, there I was keeping guard, Dad was in the shed, workin, workin workin, just ask him…… and the phone rang.

Surprise, surprise who should answer the phone, the real worker, Mum,…….don’t let Dad know I said that…………

As usual as Mum would say…… the call was for Dad….here we go…. down tools…… dad had to take the call… who knows what this was about……………. was it life changing……..well apparently it was…..

Dad was just informed my little piece of paradise, yes that’s right Elm Cottage was rated No1 in the Snowy Mountains by some company called Review Pro, an online customer intelligence company, I suppose that means many of our guests like the place, crickey when do K9‘s get a say….

Just to let you know Review Pro can assists accommodation outlets to better respond to their customer’s needs.

Needless to say Mum and Dad were tickled pink. What Mum and Dad didn’t say is that they hadn’t paid much attention to emails coming in from Review Pro…..oops, thankfully someone out there cares….. just goes to show check your emails…now that’s one up for Lincoln.

Yep, Mum and Dad were onto the Review Pro site straight away, well Mum was, Dad was in his supervisory role.

What came up were some great facts, that help Mum and Dad tick the boxes so to speak….although ranked No 1 in the Snowy Mountains for accommodation what really shook their tail was in the Star Rating’s Australia category, they ranked 13th out of 5001 properties throughout Australia which includes capital Cities, and have a Global Review Index approval of 99.6%, not too shoddy for a little ‘pet friendly’ place half way between Sydney and Melbourne…..

What I want to know is when do the most important members of the family get a say…….hopefully it won’t be too long before I get back online……bark soon

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