Busy times at Elm Cottage!

When Mum and Dad say there’s no rest for the wicked, they’re not wrong! It’s been a hive of activity here at Elm Cottage…

I have received further correspondence from my dog-pal Clancy – she is just about to visit again with Joe and Jay, can’t wait to catch up on all the goss from Bowral… And boy have we got some surprises for them…

Dad’s been on the hop – literally. He took Mum, (she who must be obeyed) for a winter jaunt up to Queensland, and yes, Dad did some of his other work – good one Dad.

Dad found it almost impossible to go up and down the ramps at the airports, so by the time he got home, he’d had enough, and was feeling the pinch.

So off he limps, bung hips and all, to the Doc. Just what he was expecting – one hip is completely cactus and the other’s on the way – yep, remedial work starts November 3!

Well, while Mum and Dad were off gallivanting around, Dave Ducker and his dog Boof took care of us… What’s that expression, while the cat’s away the mice do play? And we had a ball, not so sure about Max though, she kept out of our way. With 3 playful big dogs you can just image the rough and tumble… No place for Mum’s darling Maxine!

Dave told Mum and Dad that Max spent most of her time on the other side of the gate and down in the office… Did I mention we love having Dave and Boof over? Thanks Dave!

IMG 1037

Better get onto the news. Our mate, “Alive and Cooking’s” very own James Reeson and Dad are going to stage EXCITE again this year. November 29th - jot it down – it’s a family fun day where James will be giving cooking demos.

IMG 3652 - Copy

Mum and Dad have had a new 10km solar system installed up at the Cottages. With power prices STILL climbing, and their belief in alternate energy, they believe the new system will be really beneficial in the long term.                     

 IMG 3831 - Copy 

IMG 3827 - Copy

Not only do we have a new entrance with no gates, but part of the road has been sealed. It’s going to limit the dust, and maintenance will be greatly reduced too – Mum and Dad are stoked.

DSCF4102 - Copy

Would you believe we got a new bathroom for River’s Edge, new guttering, and a HUGE 400 litre hot water service? Yes, the cottage caters for seven, so we wanted to make sure Elm Cottage continues to evolve to improve our guest’s experience.

Did I mention how the family’s travelling? Well, there really is something about Mary, she reminds me of an Eveready battery. Mississippi, at 18, she just keeps on keeping on. Jasper, anyone heard of Jockey’s disease or SMS, that’s what dad says. He definitely needs a chill pill! And then there’s Max – what more needs to be said. Lotto, Priscilla, Ruth and Ringin are all doing fine, time for a haircut though. Next there’s K-Tee, she’s become a crowd stopper. Edwina, Clare and Loopy Lucy are all doing well, hopefully Loopy Lucy's pregnant…

As for me, I keep guiding the ship and making sure everything is OK, after all, isn’t that what Lincoln does?

What about Dad, he’s here, there, and everywhere – one thing’s for sure, come November 3, the brakes are on, 6 weeks of slowing down and smelling the roses… Quality time with his boy, Lincoln.

Bark you later!

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