Lincoln’s Christmas bark

holly2A Christmas bark to all K9’s, here’s wishing you all a great holiday break and heaps of doggy treats. We have a number of our mates visiting Elm Cottage this Christmas, I’m sure they will enjoy the open spaces, clear skies, all those new smells and of course taking a relaxing paddle in the river.

Well in case you haven’t heard dad was booked in to the panel beaters for a new hip, I believe the correct bark is hip resurfacing. In any case someone had to step up to the plate and show some leadership, so in tune with my name sake ‘it had to be me’, dad reckons ‘I was dreamin’, he had everything organised, Ha!

IMG 4415

Dad was only meant to be in hospital for 4 days but ended up staying 9, so we had our mates Dave and Boof over for me to look after and to my surprise Mum arrives home early, so much for Lincoln’s leadership qualities, wait until dad gets home, there’s some serious barking to be had…….about empowerment.

Well what’s been the bark since my last blog………………………..Mum and Dad had to put off EXCITE this year, we still seem to have some neighbours who suffer from the Nimby syndrome. You’d think after 12 years some would have built a bridge. Next year though November 27th ‘paw it in the diary’ dad is planning a huge surprise………………….

We had Foxtel installed in all cottages which doesn’t mean my K9’s you can spend your holiday as lounge lizards, ‘life be it in’ that’s what Elm Cottage is about, the outdoors and family time, frisbee’s by the river, swimming and playing cricket with the family, wide open spaces, disturbing dad’s fishing attempts.

IMG 0243

It been sometime since the other section of road has been resurfaced, while Mum and Dad have done a great job patching it up, they bit the bullet and have had the rest of the road and the cottage carpark’s resurfaced, now that alone was quite an investment.

IMG 4452

Fencing around the new alternate power supply has been completed. Mowing and the maintenance schedule has all been kept in check. This folks has all been achieved under my watch as Dad is still on sticks, someone has to do it, I’ll just tell Dad and Mum when I get a chance.

As for the menagerie here at home the three females are testing Mum’s patience, Mississippi (Miss Pip) the K9 matriarch has decided early morning feeds are the go, so at any time from 3 am on she starts scratching at the lattice at Mum and Dad’s door letting them know it’s time for a feed, and no Mary and I haven’t put her up to it, we’re both nearly two and starting to behave (a slight exaggeration), tell you what she doesn’t give up just ask Mum.

Next there’s Maxine, she really does rule this house just ask Mum, if she doesn’t like something she has no hesitation in letting Mum and Dad know……………….Mum will explain…….it’s Max’s way or the highway.


Now what about my little time bomb Mary, unlike the leadership qualities I possess Mary believes barking, running amuck and just generally teasing the others or pruning Mum’s natives is the way to go. Mum and Dad really have to get here to obedience school.

IMG 3548

As for me I’ll maintain the supervisory I’ve taken up.

Have a great Christmas, see you in 16, bark you later.


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