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Doesn’t he realise… I’m the dog?

Boy, you can’t half tell Dads on the mend……back from his early morning walk and there he barks (doesn’t he realise…. I’m the dog).

‘Lincoln it’s time to put paw to pen’

I wonder if it had anything to do with Dad trying to sneak Mary out for an early morning walk, and yes the ever observant ‘Yours truly’ caught him and said ‘not without me’. The only problem was Dad left both of us at home….. sorry Mezza(Mary).

Time for a bark, yep January came and went in a flurry can’t remember that many sleeps or feeds for that matter.


Dad’s asked me to bark in your ear about the Elm Cottage Plus 2 campaign their running on Facebook.

Dad’s a tad sceptical on the social media side so thought he’d design a promo around social media.

He wants me to let all my K9 mates know, so you man’s best friend can have a bark in both Mum and Dad’s ear, after all isn’t it Mum’s that make those great holiday decisions.

The promo is quite simple… book 4 days here in doggy paradise Elm Cottage and we will chuck in a local food hamper, I’m sure Dad won’t have forgotten some local treats for us. Dad say the promo is valid till December 15th, not bad aye, but you have to book direct by phone 02 69475818, so start barking now and I don’t mean ‘Are we there yet’…… how about Mum, Dad ‘have you checked out the Elm Cottage facebook page lately local food, fantastic, remember the river and what about the walks, the family can reconnect, explore, unwind and escape the daily grind of city life….hope dads pays me for this.

Well it’s going to be another big year here at doggy paradise, new entry at ‘Sheldo’s Shack’, plans are being finalised for a new cottage…boy has this one taken it’s time, more plantings, more signage.

New Signage

Well Dave and Boof are back this weekend, Dad reckons Dave and Boof needs a break from city life Wagga Wagga, ha, so they are off to Melbourne to check our room designs and décor for the new cottage.

I heard dad talking to Mitch (yep she still over there and Jazz misses her) the other day and Dad reminded Michelle that todays 60 year olds are yesterday’s 40 year olds….for sure Dad….what are you going to do when you hit that magic age….oops meant 40 dad.

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