Wheres the rain?

G‘day it’s been a couple of hard weeks for the K9’s here at Elm Cottage.

Not only has it been hot it’s been hot!

Wheres the rain?

It is Feb though, besides Tassie where is the climate good in OZ during Feb? Let us know and we’ll start planning Dad and Mum’s R & D trip for next year, we’ll just tag along and keep them company, remember ‘A mans best friend……..I just keep reminding Dad that’s why he bought the Kluger with the big boot space for two Goldens, Mezza and I will let Jazz, the minute Shit-zu, have the back seat. Yes, I’ve got some work to do I just can’t handle confined spaces, hey I got some big news later on…..just keep reading.

As you may remember Mum and Dad took a junket, oops, I mean a research and development trip to Melbourne and we had Dave and Boof look after us once again.


We all know our little sister the doggy matriarch Mississippi was getting on, 19 in human years or 133 in doggy years. She passed while Mum and Dad were away - Dave was shattered, and when he told Dad, Dad organised a friend to pop around and comfort Dave.

Gotta tell you it also shocked the K9 tribe, it also slowed Max down she went walk about for a couple of days

After being away for a couple days Mum and Dad took the rose coloured glasses off and took one look at Mezza and I, noticed we had been in a pretty good paddock, yep we were living high on the hog and it showed, Mezza and I put on some weight. Mezza came in at 48kg. I think I’m lucky I refused to go to the vet (as I said earlier confined spaces…..) well our vet Peter has put Mezza and I on a strict light and easy doggy diet…..dry food, ever tried eating SAO’s day after day……….. Does nothing for the taste buds……. and don’t believe dogs have no taste. Mezza also has conjunctivitis, on the improve though.

Dad’s been all over the place Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, he has spent 7 out of the last 10 days away……but today he got home and we all went for a walk, yep Dad without his stick, Jazz on the lead and Dad let mezza and I run free Yahoo….off we went running to our hearts content, and pretty well behaved……. just ask mum and dad, not bad for two mischievous

Golden’s. They took us down to the river and for the big news……. what you’ve all been waiting for, Lincoln loves water… bark…. For a dog that was a tad tentative of water, not any more it’s good stuff, what a playground…… plus you get cooled off, don’t need to tell you where we are going tomorrow, can’t wait. We’ve got two miles of river to explore.

Remember I told you it was going to be a big year, well a couple more projects are on the go, a new entrance up at the cottages and new decks at both Red and River’s Edge. Mum has been working hard with the builder on a new concept….yes I’ll keep my mates in the loop.

dad at home

We’ve got Dad home for a while and Mezza and I are going to make the most of it, in fact she has been snuggling up to him all arvo, I’m a little more independent… Mum’s pretty pleased to have him home also.

Bark you later. Lincoln

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