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Lincoln, Eco Warrior

The paws back, hasn’t been that long……. But have I some barks for you.
The way Dad's behaving anyone would think he’s enrolled Mezza and I in Jenny Craig’s.
We thought the weight reduction program we were on would last a couple of weeks and Mum and Dad would relent. HA! Not only is the diet so strict Dad’s exercise program he’s got us on just gets bigger and bigger. We are now up to 7 clicks twice a day. 


Now for some big news.
Jazz, the one who suffers SMS, the ringin has decided Mum should take him on the afternoon walk with his brother and sister. There are some problems that need to be addressed; pace gets to him, distance gets to him, so Mum takes some rather big shortcuts. Don’t know who benefits more Mum or Jazz? I think I should be a tad more understanding after all he is 15 and suffers Jockey’s Disease.

We have a rest on Sundays as Mum wants us to get used to a day off when Dad’s away. She doesn’t think she can handle us.
Ah Mum, your baby boy always behaves it’s Mezza you have to worry about.

Guess what I came across during our walk last Saturday?
There we were, on the last leg home along the river.
What was it?
The smell just got to me.
I couldn’t resist up and down the fence. I went crazy, Dad thought I had ants in my pants, Mezza was going ballistic trying to get off the leash, there she was dragging Dad every which way but loose.
At last I was off - spotted my first Kangaroo! In a blink it was gone. I knew I let it off lightly. Next time...


Now down to the incidentals.


Mum and Dad have planted a heap more trees in the Nelson’s Arboretum, with a couple of hundred more to go, tea trees and gums mainly, apparently the fish thrive if there’s tea trees by the river, that’s what we’re told. Yep, this is also part of Mum and Dad's eco alert, I hear on the grapevine they are looking at Eco Accreditation. Good for them. Us Sheldon’s, we care. Lincoln….. Elm Cottages Eco Warrior has a nice ring to it and goes well with the ambassador title bestowed on me. Suppose I’ll have to find a title for Mezza so she doesn’t feel left out. How does "Daddy’s Little Angel" sound?


The new deck on Red Gum has been completed. Yes, more eco warrior work. The deck is recycled and referred to as "Mod-wood". Looks great and as Dad says "You can’t half tell it’s recycled, look at the price! Bar humbug…." Dad’s little grumble but he admits it’s great and will last a lifetime... I think all the decks when they need replacing will be with Mod-wood.
When you’re on a winner stick to it.  


Next on the list was a new fridge for River Gum. The last one was great and has served us well, but when it’s time…………………Reinvestment program!

Yep, it’s definitely been Red and River Gums' month. The king bed in River Gum has been replaced, carpets re-cleaned, new pillows etc. A new BBQ for Red Gum...

It’s been great having Dad at home, especially now day light savings ended. From about 6am on I start to let dad know I’m a tad restless, it brekky time and walktime... After all, Dad doesn’t want walking time to eat into his other valued time……it’s all about allocation and training……. Oops.

Bark you later!

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