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A New Addition

Well where have you been, you may well ask?

Easy answer, waiting for Dad. Who else can scribe for the ‘Ambassador’, some days I just have to put dad in his place, this year I’ve been extremely tolerant but when Philomena arrived and I realised it was November I needed some serious barking at Dad, thankfully he realised who the real boss is. So here we go Lincoln’s Blog;


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Yes it’s been a whirlwind year for us all. We lost both the family matriarch Mississippi, and then a few months later the ringin Jasper, I know we all got to love his particular idiocyncracies, yes that was Jasper, Dad reckons he had SMS or jockeys disease, oops... not politically correct.


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Dads had to separate Lucy from Edwina, Clare and K-Tee as her horns are getting too big, I think I told you my nickname for her Loopy Lucy, she’s not the full quid and both Eddy and K-Tee have some scars to prove it, Clare on the other hand gets well out of the way. Although we had all that rain while Mum and Dad were away it has dried out extremely quickly, Mum believes it’s the winds we get.

Young Clarkie’s doing well, and so are Sydney and Gyzmo. Mum and Dad are thinking of selling the older cows Edwina, Loopy Lucy and Clare and keeping K-Tee and Clarkie, great idea. Dad’s got a real soft spot for K-Tee she’s is just like Sarah.



We all know Mum and Dad took a holiday to Canada and States, yeah they left yours truly at home to keep the place safe and may I say what a great job I did, Yes Mum got her brother Fraser and sis-in-law Margy down just in case I needed some help…it all went well.

Dad was home a week and got this phone call from HelloWorld telling him he’d just won $3000 worth of travel and Pierre Cardin luggage. Dad was tickled as he normally just gives a donation for raffles and doesn’t worry about tickets, but this time Mum and Wal insisted he takes the tickets, now he’s got another Holiday, he said to me on the quiet it would have to be a pretty special place to beat where we live.


IMG 6745


Did I tell you Mum and Dad are building again, yes ‘Yellowbox’ a large 2 bedroom cottage that has it all. Dad’s frustrated with Council, as usual, at the eleventh hour after the plans and DA have been summited, Council do their normal and place some special conditions on the build, pity they didn’t say anything earlier as I think Mum and Dad may have altered the design somewhat. To make matters worse Council didn’t submit the application to Rural Fire Services for over a month delaying approval,.….who suffers? Mum and Dad. Council don’t seem to give a hoot at how much extra they cost people not to mention the lost revenue.

Did I mention the neighbour suffering from Nimby syndrome? Yes, he’s back. Add DNSW to the mix and it’s bureaucracy gone a muck.


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Now for the really big news Philomena, our new sister arrived yesterday and she’s just beautiful. An English Setter so the name suits, she is settling in a treat, Dad has her booked in for obedience lessons starting Saturday, something to do with female dogs, I understand they’re not quite attuned to the modern rigours of today’s society as someone of ambassador status, so dad thought he’d get in early and bring her up to speed and hopefully some of the training may rub off on Mary (Mezza).

Now if I don’t catch you before Christmas have a great break and travel safely.

Bark you later



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