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Well where do I start………………hmm

It’s been a while….. a barking long time really,,,,but the opportunity arose when dad spoke to me after he and mum went to Floriade’s ‘Dogs day out’ last weekend and said people had visited the Elm Cottage stand to meet…..yours truly……so here was my opportunity,,,,just like a dogs snout into his meal…..’well dad it’s time’…..and here we are, dad’s shorthand or typing had better be up to scratch.

G’day fellow K9’s much has been to do since my last blog….yes Mary, Max, the rest of the menagerie and I here at Elm cottage have been joined by, would you believe it, an English Setter , talk about flighty. She’s here there and everywhere, a two speed K9 lifestyle, flat out or SLEEP, thank the dog gods we have a huge yard…..not to mention the property. Then there’s the three 3 lounges move over Mum and Dad surely you don’t expect ‘Man’s best friend’ to share? Now what about the name ‘Philomena’. 

Well ask I ask you where on earth did Mum and Dad dig that name up from. I overheard Dad telling some guests its Philly when she’s good and Philomena when she’s naughty, I don’t need to tell you what Dad normally calls her.

Next on the Agenda is Dad’s role as chair of the Australian Regional Tourism Network. Yep come May he resigned after 5 and half years at the helm and as he said it was time to step aside…and yes get back to pawing Lincoln’s Blog….took his time though didn’t he, 5 months on, doesn’t matter, here we are, I keep telling him he’s got get his priorities right…..Me and then everything else….mum won’t like that last bit.


What’s next? ‘Yellowbox Cottage’ our new development. Talk about a nightmare, who in their right mind would invest in regional OZ, dumb question Mum and Dad.

From Council through to the builder. Council first, for not informing Mum and Dad until the eleventh hour the new cottage had be accessible, that’s the go term to cater for those with limited mobility.



While this may sound relatively easy, wrong, plans had to be altered considerably so up go the costs and length of build grows. What really got Dad’s goat up was a few years ago when he and mum looked into ‘accessible tourism’ no one was interested, the feedback they got from the powers to be was those with limited mobility don’t take holidays….give me a break.

Did I say come May mum was literally pulling her hair out coping with the build so with Dad now home he took over and boy can I tell you the phone and the builder got a hammering, dad also put everything in writing so I think ink cartridges would have been flying out the door at the builders end. Dad’s like a dog with a bone once he gets going…must have taught him well.

At the end of the day we finally got there and I’m confident enough to say it was quite possibly yours truly and the rest of the K9 gang that held together mum and dads sanity, a distraction that proves K9’s are man’s best friend’ yes you can thank me later.



Trust Mum and Dad, they had a grand opening (TV crew and all) and invited most of the trades, some officials and friends.

Big Bark, Big Bark…. we got to meet Dad’s 3rd son David Marc, he and Dad had a spat a few years ago and hadn’t stayed in contact, mind you, you can see why they are both hyper and set in stone (ouch that may hurt), but now all’s forgiven and life goes on.

I quite like David Marc I think he’s got a bit of a soft spot for the old K9. We need to train his partner Deion however he’s into the smaller breeds. Side tracked again that’s what happens when Dad has been AWOL.

Any case the day went off fantastically and everyone loves the new cottage. I have to give Mum and Dad a plug here they have built two very attractive stone retention walls by hand and I must say the complimentary barks have been flowing, so a big lick guys.

K9’s I could bark on for hours about what we’ve been up, but won’t bore you as Dad has promised we can catch up on all the news over the next couple of months with Dad and Lincoln’s quality time.

Two things before I paw off. You are probably wondering how Dad’s coping away from ARTN, well he is a million miles an hour man, mum can’t quite believe the energy levels, not only is the brain ticking over at 36 to the dozen, the work rate is that of a much younger person…I hear Mum at night tell dad beds are for sleeping…if he is not careful he could end up in the dog house, mind you here at Elm Cottage the dog house is six star.

Dad’s asked me to tell all K9’s to get them Mum’s and Dads that live in the Canberra and Wollongong areas to watch WIN TV as they have some new ads on air. One ad can be viewed on the website

I need some feedback for dad K9’s so get barking. Dad has also told me it’s been a while so he is going to let Lincoln’s blog also be the next Elm Cottage newsletter.

Oh, Oh before I go to all those at the Dog’s Day out that were asking about me I am fantastic and next year I am going to do my best to get there. I have to be honest though, I have a peripheral vision problem and hate getting into the back of a car be it station wagon, 4wd or saloon. I even drive mum and Dad batty going through the doggy doors at home and I can tell you it is a big issue.

Till next time………… here’s barking at you


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