Here’s barking to you….at last……

finally I have a lead on Dad and we are pawing out the year for all my mates. The year started at a frenetic pace with Dad and Mum deciding it was time to again develop Elm Cottage Yes late in 2017 they had decided to go one step further than the solar cells and install 27kw Tesla battery but where was it….. not to worry they were installed at the end of Feb.  


As the fields dried out we said goodbye to Eddy, Lucy and Clarky, they were off to greener pastures… just couldn’t say goodbye to his little girl K-Tee, she is so adorable and calm just like her mum Sarah (just ask Dad????)


Now what about us Mary, Philomena, Max(the cat) and of course yours truly. We’re all fine, Mary is still constantly after attention, Philly is just cheeky and totally besotted with Max.. we have tried to tell her Max is a cat but what can you expect from a Setter/Pointer. Mum is just over Max she is constantly seeking attention…yes worse than Mary and that’s saying something. As for me, the rock, I just keep things on an even keel and keep things settled.

Did I tell you guests keep visiting and under my guidance Mum and Dad are doing a great job..

Gee where has the year gone Mum and Dad decided to add two more bedrooms to Yellow Box…yes more work.. when will they learn?


Oh, oh, oh I forgot Dad couldn’t help himself and Mavis arrived, a cute baby Angus calf, guests, Mum and Dad greatly enjoyed feeding her…..then before we knew it a Hereford calf arrived which Mum named Mildred(Milly) and without bias I must bark she is absolutely gorgeous and both are so calm and enjoy human company. Don’t believe me they crave the attention and every arvo at 3.30 yes 3.30 on the knocker they start Mooing so Mum Dad and any guest fill the Milk bottles with water and bottle feed them, even though they 6 months old, can you believe it, thankfully I’m happy in my own fur and don’t require such attention… dad gives me my treats and mum brushes me….yep we are all spoilt in one way.


In August Fraser, Mums brother and his wife Margaret looked after us while they were off to China (What about me I could have been the carer). Fraser is a tad more disciplined than mum and dad but we enjoy their visit as it gives us the discipline we K9’s often need, a refresher course. I’m not the worry it’s Mary, Philly and Max.

Do you think they could help themselves in China? nope they sourced pure silk quilts, a green product, light weight, hypo allergenic yes and ticking all the boxes for the cool weather, more luxury for our guests, I just want to know where’s mine, but then again Philly and Mary would have fun chewing them to pieces, yes Dad I understand some K9’s just can’t behave like yours truly.


It’s been a number of years since Mum and Dad and there work with John Briggs from the Murrumbidgee Catchment program to re-introduce the endangered Tumut Grevillea commenced but we now have over 300 planted with self seeding started, John Briggs is over the moon, talk about a tragic.

Although we had a relatively dry winter the snow season was great so the trout fishing has been excellent…and yes our friend and resident happy snapper Trevor has snapped two resident Platypus in the river waterhole outside Rivers Edge. Mum and Dad are stoked.



My work training Mum and Dad has again paid dividends with Elm Cottage picking up several national and international awards

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018
Global Venture -Most Unique Rural Retreat - 2018 – Australia 10 – 2018
Star Ratings – Gold Listing– Australia’s Best Independently rated self catering accommodation 2018
Star Ratings – Gold Listing– New South Wales’s Best Independently rated self catering accommodation 2018
GoHotels Outstanding Service Award 2018
Apac-Excellence in Luxury Accommodation 2018
Lux Hotels & Spas-Best Cottage Accommodation 2018

Then to top the year off after several attempts to visit Elm Cottage Sydney Weekender arrived with filming going to air on November 24th.

So it has been a big year, hope you enjoyed my bark, have a great Christmas, heaps of treats and we get to bark together in 2019.

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