We are indeed lucky to have the Snowy Mountains in our backyard.

The Elm cottage experience offers you a 365 day holiday destination!

Yarrangobilly Caves

The Yarrangobilly Caves are located within Kosciuszko National Park and only 77km from Tumut. They are probably the most beautiful caves in Australia and well worth a day visit for you and your family or friends. Guided tours are available underground, or you can take a self guided tour, and of course the Thermal Pool has a constant temperature of 27 Degrees Celsius!

EASTER TOUR SCHEDULE: 30th March – 2nd April 2018 
9:00am   Jillabenan Cave (pre-booked only)(1 hr) 9:00am   Jersey Cave (pre-booked only) (1½ hrs) 9:15am   Harrie Wood (1 ¼ hrs) 9:30am   Castle Cave (2-2.5 hrs) 10:00am   Jillabenan Cave (1 hr) 10:30am  Jersey Cave (1½ hrs) 10:30am   Harrie Wood (1 ¼ hrs) 11:00am   Jillabenan Cave (1 hr)
12:00pm    Jersey Cave     (1½ hrs) 1:00pm Jillabenan Cave     (1 hr) 1:00pm North Glory & Smugglers Passage   (1½ hrs) 1:00pm Castle Cave     (2-2.5 hrs) 2:00pm Jillabenan Cave (1 hr) 2:30pm North Glory & Smugglers Passage (1½ hrs) 2:30pm Castle Cave     (2 -2.5hrs) 3:00pm Jersey Cave (1½ hrs) 3:00pm  Jillabenan Cave (1 hr) SELF GUIDED CAVE TOUR  9:00am to 4:30pm - South Glory Cave self-guided cave tour (last tickets sold 4:00pm)
DISCOVERY TOURS  North Glory & Smugglers Passage: Explore the impressive North Glory Cave and its ancient stream passages. It features the immense stalactites of Queens Chamber, the remarkable Helictite Chamber within Smugglers Passage and the Devil’s Kitchen. Harrie Wood Cave: A unique experience, limited numbers available. Descend into this richly decorated 80m old tourist cave, now open after 11 years of cave research. You will be issued with a torch and your guide will explain how stalagmites, like trees, contain growth rings and can be viewed as archives of the past. View the Temple of the Thousand Idols, the heritage crystal bucket and the climate change science monitoring equipment. (Ages 6yrs+. Average fitness required)
Castle Cave: A unique experience, limited numbers available. Those with a sense of adventure and looking for a special experience can accompany one of our dedicated and experienced guides to discover this magnificent unlit cave. You will be issued with a helmet and headlamp, this cave offers very fine formations to large display walls. (Ages 6yrs+. Average fitness required; no crawling) 
Discover Geology:         Every rock tells a story. Participate in a hands-on session with our resident Geologist who will introduce you to some of the tricks and secrets geologists use to identify rocks, minerals and fossils. Then apply what you have learnt on a tour through the vast and varied North Glory Cave. (Ages 6yrs+. Average fitness required)
Looking for something extra? If there are no Discovery tours offered during your visit and you are particularly keen please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Please note that places are limited, bookings are recommended.   For bookings please call Yarrangobilly Caves Visitors Centre  on (02) 6454 9597 (9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri prior to Thursday 29th).  Payment is non-refundable and is required at time of booking. 

Thermal Pool: Open from dawn until dusk, 27°C all year round. The Yarrangobilly river runs adjacent to the thermal pool so grab your rod and throw in a line, go for a bushwalk or bring your family for a relaxing barbeque in the high country.  Places are limited. 


Adelong Falls

Just outside Adelong is the heritage-listed Adelong Falls, a historic gold mining settlement. Fabulous views from the viewing platform down onto the battery complex with its historic mining equipment, and 3 marked trails from which you can explore the historic remains.

Well worth a visit and a great place for a family picnic.


Brumbies abound in our area, with many herds of the free-roaming feral horses to be found in the Snowy Mountain region.

Brumbies are the descendants of escaped or lost horses, dating back in some cases to those belonging to the early European settlers. To some, they are regarded as an environmental pest, but to others they are beautiful specimens living wild and independently of humans.

You can best come across mobs of Brumbies in the forests east of Blowering, or in the evening up on the Snowy Mountains highway towards Selwyn. You should take extreme care driving on the highway at night because of the abundance of wild life, not only including brumbies but also huge mobs of kangaroos as well as other animals. They are prone to stand on the Highway at night and are difficult to see given their natural colours, so cautious driving at a slow speed is recommended.

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